Discover The History of Slot Machines

Born in Italy, around 1630, the contemporary casino is nourished by an inevitable rise: it has spread throughout the world. On the North American continent, a city is fully committed to gambling, the controversial Las Vegas. Nothing curious that the contemporary slot machine has emerged in this state. Star of gambling since, its current supremacy seems to be the consequence of a treachery.

Of German origin, its inventor, American citizen Charles Auguste Fey, had a real entrepreneurial spirit, although he was defeated by a terrible disease. Denying very disturbing medical judgments, he launched into the production of models of slot machines. Interested in the automatic roulettes which flourish in these hours in his city, he founded his own company. A little later, he measures their notorious defects. From his reflections, comes an innovative slot machine, the unforgettable Liberty Bell.

Less imposing than conventional wheels, it offers a thousand combinations and a mechanical payment: no need to beg for profits from the owner of the premises. The novelty is considerable, and this new product knows, immediately, an extraordinary rise. Carried away by this masterstroke, the brilliant inventor stubbornly protects the trade secret of his find. Despite everything, a part is delighted in a drinking establishment, and will be identified in a competitor’s warehouse; the latter, without scruple, manufactures a similar article.

As a result of this regrettable theft, emerging competitors followed the example: the damages are substantial for Fey. The right-thinking condemns, with force, this accessory of pleasure, but these adversaries will not stem the growth of these machines. Nevertheless, frightened by the indomitable enthusiasm of the users, the public authorities banned gambling on the occasion of Prohibition. Above all, the concomitant ban on taverns punishes the places that hosted these games. The manufacturers were forced to imagine a remedy: from now on, lemonade makers no longer offer sums of money to high rollers but sweets!

Nowadays, the one-armed bandit triumphs over games of chance. This predominance is unassailable. An easy-to-use instrument, it appeals to the greatest number. This enthusiasm is explained by the promise of fabulous profits: other games do not offer such compensation. A successful winner, in her fifties, walked away with a jackpot of 1.7 million euros. The so popular slot machines do not require intelligence and do not ask for any specific address; only one attitude seems required: push a button. Only the trance of discovering the winning symbols motivates the individual. One-armed bandits now account for the majority of modern casino turnover. At its peak today, it has changed dramatically since the end of the 19th century: the sound of bells has been eliminated.

Countless popular super-production characters flood our casinos as they decorate these contraptions. Their dazzling illuminations, just as much their strident barouf, help to create the atmosphere of the contemporary casino. Of course, they have conquered the web, as can be done on online casinos or sites dedicated to slot machines such as Top Machine Sous . Supervised by the royal authorities, like all games, the wonderful slot machine is popular because it remains, despite its corrections, a distracting and juicy instrument.

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